First project: S'é coule

Body research. The mixture of painting and dancing has always attracted me. In this blurry period, creativity has been the most effective therapy. My space is limited to my bedroom and my dance studio. If the physical limitation is drastic, the one of my mind is as infinite as painting, as those layers that make the body disappear down to a single line, yet there is always movement.  

Freely inspired by Pouring techniques

Music: Lomepal - Flash

Video editing: Meije

Second project : Douceur / Softness


Research on the limits of the body envelope, in wich emotions are mixed up. As if the blood filled the lungs, the fat seeped into the muscles, there are intrusions. The stable setting, the peaceful life is turned upside down. Fearcontrols the body, the envelope is porous. Every shock is a destruction. You almost think you are going crazy.

Music: Young Wolf - Sweetness

Video editing: Meije

Third project : Ne me ramène pas /

Don't bring me back  


Research on the limits of the body envelope. In a sanitized space, how can you find your place without feeling like a microbe? When space is limited, how do you adapt without stepping on yourself or on others? In a world full of limits, how can you let go of your impulses? A reflection still in progress.

Music: Lomepal - Ne me ramène pas

Video editing: Meije

Fourth project: Safe Space

Research on the body envelope. How to create a new space of freedom after these few months of quarantine. Thanking your body for being the one and only habitat ever, present for life. Accepting your differences and atypical appearances. Loving yourself.  

Voice: Meije 

Music: Armand Amar - Castells

Acrylic paint on paper 

Video editing: Meije