With Cora Tribal Bellydancer


Cora and I have created Mahila Sarkal in Spetember 2019. It is a 26 tribal-fusion and bellydancers group based on Grenoble and Allevard. « Mahila Sarkal » phonetically means « women circle » in the Indian language. These dancers meet every week throughout the year to learn choregraphies, in order to perform on stage during events or wandering in the street. Beyond the promotion of those quite unknowned dances, this circle is all about passing the values of kindness and sharing to the public. The colorful universe created by the music, the dances and the homemade costumes’ offers an ephemeral journey for all ages.

Huge thanks to the costume designer Eloïse Pons, costumière, who helped us in the creation and the making of the costumes.



Next performances:

Septembre 2019 - « Allev’Art » events – Allevard les Bains

Novembre 2019 : Allevard-les-bains’ Telethon


"Foire à la Pivoine", Crêts en Belledonne (38) - March 2019

Credits : Céline Ury


"Festival du Mouvement", Vif (38) - June 2019